H-Cup: the first one

It all started in the rain and ended with a ray of sunshine. The announced 2 Bft seemed to be a good 3 and the wave height even increased during the race. One skipper could not control himself and crossed the starting line for the official "go", which the 28 other skippers crossed with complete dedication. Thanks to the weather conditions, the expertise of the skippers and their crews, the first buoy, the WESTROOMBANK was quickly rounded but many had been surprised by the strong current there, which caused some spectacle. Then towards Ostend where the sun was already shining. After rounding the buoy, the SPINAKERS ensured a colourful armada of sailing boats towards the KYCN buoy. The plan B that consisted of shortening the race when there was too little wind was quickly put away. From there one more time to the WESTROOMBANK and on to the finish line. Bravo to the winner and the sporty participants of this HCup 1 NEW.

Michel van Meel